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MOST TRAVELED PHOTOGRAPHER ~ Mast has earned this title with a long list of adventures, including skiing off the Swiss Alps and para-sailing 7000 feet to the village below; bungee jumping off a 120 foot bridge in Queenstown, New Zealand; being chased from a Kenyan tent camp by a charging elephant; finding himself confronted, eye to eye, with a white rhino and her young calf while on an Zambian walking safari; taking the longest train journey ~ read more..

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Proudly made in the USA

Proudly made in the USA

"Award winning photographer and author"

Adventures begin with the first step™...

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"One of life's many joys is sharing adventures, discoveries, and experiences. Come wander the world with me through image and story. I hope you enjoy the journey!"


International award winning book

Adventures Begin with the First Step

The book: Postcards Home

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