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MOST TRAVELED PHOTOGRAPHER ~ Mast has earned this title with a long list of adventures, including skiing off the Swiss Alps and para-sailing 7000 feet to the village below; bungee jumping off a 120 foot bridge in Queenstown, New Zealand; being chased from a Kenyan tent camp by a charging elephant; finding himself confronted, eye to eye, with a white rhino and her young calf while on an Zambian walking safari; taking the longest train journey ~ read more..

Proudly made in the USA

Proudly made in the USA

"Award winning photographer and author"

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Photocards Home

Fantastic Journey & Awesome Photography
This review is from: Postcards Home (Paperback) Postcards Home is a wonderfully written memoir of the author's travels. The photography in the book is absolutely breath-taking and makes one feel as if they are along on the journey. Mr. Mast is a gifted photographer whose photojournal is a must for any library or coffee table! Highly recommended!
By Professor Z.

A MUST Read - Charming and Insightful!
This review is from: Postcards Home (Paperback) Postcards Home is an enjoyable and inspiring read- Don't miss it! In some ways, it like a history lesson honestly told from the perspective of a young traveler. Bill Mast shares his personal experiences traveling the world through his wonderful words and spectacular photographs. I keep it on my coffee table to share with everyone who visits and I've found Postcards Home to be the perfect gift for both current and wanna-be travelers, young and old. Enjoy!
By World Traveler

Postcards Home is a Winner!!
Thank you Mr. Mast for taking me on your wonderful journey. It was a real pleasure to wander the world through your words and images.

Love this book!
I work in travel and this book is an awesome overview of the places Bill visited. He painted a great picture of his many travels that made me want to see these places, or with some he painted a picture that was so great I felt like I was there with him. Thanks for taking me with you Bill! :-) Love the book!

Postcards Home is an Amazing Adventure!!!
Simply said, Postcards Home is an amazing adventure! Its beautifully enchanting book cover gives a glimpse of the captivating journey that awaits the reader inside the pages of Postcards Home. Traveling the world with author W.D. Mast is a sheer delight. This remarkably unique book leaves the reader wanting more. Let's hope Postcards Home is the first book in a series of many more to come from award winning author W.D. Mast.

Great book!
It's no wonder Postcards Home started garnering awards so soon after publication! What a delight for a photographer to find out, years after his extensive travels, that the postcards he sent home over the years had been lovingly saved. In his book, Bill Mast shares these postcards with us, taking us along on his journeys as the postcards remind him of stories of the places he has visited, and many of the unforgettable images he has captured on film serve to illustrate his stories as he shares them with us.

This is a book to enjoy on your own--and then you will want to share it, as well. It's a terrific book for gift-giving. (I'm buying a little stash of them right now to share with some friends, in fact!) Whether you love to travel, or maybe haven't had the opportunity to do so, as you enjoy his book Bill will become a guide and a friend as he shares his photographs, his stories, and his postcards home.
By Amanda Brenden

What a wonderful Journey
Mr. Mast has taken paper and created the most wonderful journey you can take from your easy chair. This book captures so many interesting people, sights and places it makes your feet start twitching to explore the exciting world we live in. You will enjoy the different places he takes you and his descriptions are right on the button, his relaxed, casual demeanor is evident in each and every page. I strongly suggest you get yours today, then sit back and enjoy the journey of a lifetime.
By Mary Ann Ackley

An Interesting and Fun Read
I would recommend this book to anyone who loves to travel or those that wish to travel but, for a variety of reasons, don't. It's personal, yet, by stepping back in time with the author and his postcards home, you feel included. Loved looking at all the postcards, just from a visual interest. I found it fun and informative. Hope others do, as well.
By Michelle

Happy rerading
Reading this book makes me want to travel and see the great things that Mr.Mast saw. His professional photography adds to the splendor of his work. This is a book that belongs in everyones library who has an interest in foreign travel.
By Gerald M. Gorrin

Worth the read
Received as a gift and now sits on my coffee table. Wonderful pictorials and great insight into a world traveller. Worth the purchase but so glad I got as a gift.

Unique Read with Fantastic Photography
If you love to travel like I do, this is a very unique way of documenting your travel experiences. Bill does an excellent job of expressing himself and making each page and place feel like your there with him on his journey. That's to say, his writing is very enjoyable and tells the story of his travels, a great postcard. But, what makes this book worth buying is the pictures Mr. Mast takes along the way. He's a wonderful photographer who not only takes pictures of the places he visited but the people interacting with him as well.
By M. Pasold

Loved the unique layout and presentation of this book. A fun, interesting, and educational read. The photography is amazing. Would love to see more. AZConsumer

Trip Around the World
Love the cover! I've always loved postcards, and I loved seeing these vintage pictures. This book is wonderful. With it one travels around the world, reads personal notes sent home to loved ones, and learns about a man's life. Very well done. Thank you for writing this marvelous book.
By MaryJanie

A Humorous Education in History and Geography
What a wonderful, humorous lesson in history and geography. The stories of Mr. Mast's travel encounters are very entertaining and the photographs are beautiful. I loved the fact that he took the time in each location to purchase local stamps and currency that just adds more depth to his stories. A great book to share with those who have traveled as a memory and those who may not have the opportunity and can enjoy the experience from home.
By Beverly M. Lawrenc

Love the book!
I loved this book by W.D. Mast. It brought wonderful memories of places I have visited and inspired me to visit the other places. I would recommend this to anyone who loves to travel. By Tennis king

Fun Read!
I so enjoyed sharing in the author's world travels, he inspires us to get out and start our own adventure! Big fan of Mr. Mast's photography, so the stories that go with the pictures was an added bonus. Loved that he never forgot the loved ones left behind at home while he was seeing the world. Very much recommend this book to anyone who loves to travel and experience the world!
By Travel lover